TimeSheet for iPhone/ iPad / iPod Touch

TimeSheet for iPhone/ iPad / iPod Touch

Notice: How to restore your purchase of “Remove ads”, when you upgrade TimeSheet -IS-.

You can restore your purchase information of the add-on by following operations.
It is no need to pay the additional cost for restoring.

1. Tap “Settings” on the bottom of screen.

2. Tap “Purchase Add-On”.

3. Tap “Restore your purchase information” and input your Apple ID Password.

4. The add-on is applied your environment again.(No charge)

Thank you for continuing to support TimeSheet -IS-

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We have been chosen as recommended new app on the App Store(USA,Germany,Japan 2011/7)

A simple yet functional timesheet
Available in English/Chinese/Japanese/Korean/Italian/Dutch/Swedish/Spanish/German/ French(French)/Portuguese(Brazil)/Portuguese(Portugal)/Russian

“TimeSheet is a simple application which easily records and keeps track of working hours”
Enabling at-a-glance summaries of working/overtime hours of each month with a simple click on your way in and out of work.

Export TimeSheetvia e-mail to manage working hours on your own pc or submit to work.
It is also convenient for part-time workers to figure out paychecks beforehand.

  • Currrent Version:1.3.3
  • Languages:English,Chinese,Japanese,Korean,Italian,Dutch,Swedish,Spanish, German,French(French),Portuguese(Brazil),Portuguese(Portugal),Russian

How to use TimeSheet

  • Cutomize it by setting your own working hours and break times.
    (That’s it, and you’re ready to go!)
  • Click on the “Check-in” and “Check-out” button everday to record.
  • Check your record on the “View” and “Total” screens.
  • You may edit check-in times on the “View” screen by choosing the date that you would like to fix.

List of Functions

  • Recoding Time:Check-in/Checkout,Pause/Resume(You can also record breaks)
  • Setting Regular Hours
  • Recording Breaks:Settimes by the minute ie.”1 hour lunch break”
  • Calculating Total Hours
    Days worked
    Hours worked (Total/Average), Overtime (Total/Average) ,Salary(Total)
  • Set deadline
  • Setting Hour Wages
  • Memo
    For leaving notes such as”late due totraffic jam”etc.
  • E-mail
    Export your data by the month(Comma Seperated Values)




Inquiries and requests regarding this application, please contact the following email address.
The following address is only available in Japanese and English. Please note.




TimeSheet for iPhone/ iPad / iPod Touch


App Store 注目の新作に選ばれました!(日本 、アメリカ、ドイツ 2011/7)



  • 現在のバージョン:1.3.32
  • 言語: 日本語,英語,中国語,オランダ語,フランス語,ドイツ語,イタリア語,韓国語,ポルトガル語,ロシア語,スペイン語,スウェーデン語
  • 条件:iPhone 及び iPod touch互換、iPhone OS3.0以上が必要


  • 自分の勤務形態にあわせて、設定画面で定時・休憩時間を設定する。
  • あとは毎日、出社ボタン/退社ボタンを押下して記録しましょう。
  • 一覧画面/集計画面で、勤務状況を確認できます。
  • 出社ボタンの押し間違いや修正は、一覧画面から変更したい日を選んで修正します。


  • 打刻機能 出社/退社、中断/復帰(休憩時間も記録可能)
  • 定時設定
  • 休憩時間設定 「お昼休みは1時間」など、分単位で設定可能
  • 集計機能
  • 時給設定 ※設定画面で、時給設定に金額を入力してください。
  • メモ入力
  • メール機能









breaktime function(休憩時間設定)

memo function(メモ機能)

e-mail function(メール機能)

check-out and manually corrected(退社と手動修正)

Set hourly wage(時給設定)

How to remove input the data(入力データ削除)